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Re: [leafnode-list] Wrong Message: Mail Delivery failed???

Theodore Heise <theo@xxxxxxxx>:

>> Nearls every time, when I send a mail to
>> leafnode-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I get following mail back,
>> but the mail arrives nevertheless:

these are bounces.  normally the list-software rewrites the envelope
of posts to make bounces return to the list-software.  it will
automatically unsubscribe people whose email-setup doesn't work.

matthias and cornelius are currently working out a solution.

> As I understand it, this is the result of a list subscriber (rmk)
> who believes each list member wanting to post to the list should
> make the effort to add himself to rmk's whitelist.

no, i'm afraid _i_ am the one whose mail-cleaner sends white-listing
requests.  this is exactly due to the problem mentioned above.  the
server distributing leafnode-list is on my whitelist, of course, but
as it sends the requests to the envelope sender, buggy list handling
like this makes those requests appear at every user ever posting to
the list.

i would have to:

1.  parse incoming emails for those few lists not changing envelopes,
    and this parsing would have to work for the cases where the list
    appears in:
1a. the To: field,
1b. the Cc: field,
    even if it is mentioned as one of several receivers.
2.  it would have to carefully consider spam/worms (for lists which
    don't rewrite envelopes, but also don't scan for spam/worms),
    because spammers often don't put the envelope receiver into To
    nor Cc.

given that i'd have to do this for only two lists of many i'm
subscribed on, and given that i can live with manually confirming
people until the mailinglist software is upgraded, and given that i
want to test the qconfirm package, and given that the software should
be upgraded anytime very soon now according to its admins,

.. i didn't bother.  and i really don't think it's my fault.


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