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Re: [leafnode-list] Fetching - problem

Użytkownik Matthias Andree napisał:
Please download 1.9.32.rel or 1.9.33.devel3 and run rpm -tb leafnode-1.9.32.rel.tar.bz2 (or 1.9.33.devel3.tar.bz2) on the
Upgrading wasn't a problem, except this is not my computer and I wanted
to keep up with official repository. I'm not a newbie, so I know how to
make my own package...

But the problem with those servers still exists. I got something like
this in log files:
Feb  1 14:35:01 szopka fetchnews[1788]: connected to,
reply: 200
Feb  1 14:35:01 szopka fetchnews[1788]: news.atozedsoftware.com: 0
articles posted
Feb  1 14:35:01 szopka fetchnews[1788]: Reading server info from
Feb  1 14:35:01 szopka fetchnews[1788]: Merging in
/var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.atozedsoftware.com~ from previous run
Feb  1 14:35:02 szopka fetchnews[1788]: atozedsoftware.intraweb.v5beta:
considering articles 1 - 3120
Feb  1 14:35:03 szopka fetchnews[1788]: Unable to parse

And it freezes.

I know this server is running on some windows software and it have
problems with Path (found 2 paths in many of posts from there), so I
think the problem is with the posts itselfs, not the server.

Anyway, I discovered that many windows servers will act like this, so I
think it could be considered as a bug :)

-- Lukasz Rzanek - konsultant @ BSC Polska tel. +48 (22) 864 14 65 wew.135

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