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Re: [leafnode-list] Have There Been Changes in leafnode ?

desmond@xxxxxxxxxxx schrieb am Monday, den 03. February 2003:

> > > Message-ID: statistics-1044202112@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > That's
> > 
> > Message-ID: <statistics-1044202112@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Um, OK ... changed.  Now here are the headers as just produced a moment or
> so ago ... 
> 	Newsgroups: alt.activism.death-penalty
> 	From: Statistics <SPAMstatisticsSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> 	Subject: alt.activism.death-penalty weekly statistics
> 	Organization: None
> 	Message-ID: <statistics-1044235471@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> 	X-Summary: Statistics
> 	Mail-Copies-To: never
> 	User-Agent: Newsgroup statistics
> 	MIME-Version: 1.0
> 	X-Comments: With thanks to "Cab" for the perl
> 	X-Perl-Script: http://www.zeouane.org/perl/ngstatistics.pl
> 	X-Abuse-Info: abuse@xxxxxxxxxxx
> 	Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-15
> 	Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
> Now am I missing something _blindingly_ obvious here ?  leafnode is not
> returning any error messages (nothing in /var/log/news.all).  Isn't there a
> way to tell leafnode not to worry about Message-ID, and just do as it's
> told, and post the damn thing ?  

leafnode was never designed for injections by means other than NNTP, so
this is giving you the blues. It's not intentional though.

Here's the full set of requirements for the article ("it") unless otherwise
stated, for current leafnode-1.9.x versions:

1. it must be successfully stat(2)ed for information
2. it must be a regular file (symlink to regular file will work)
3. it must be readable for the user news
4. it must have a Newsgroups: header
5. the upstream server must carry alt.activism.death-penalty
6. it must have a Message-ID: header
7. the message-ID must not be in use on the upstream server
8. the upstream server must reply with 340 to our POST command

> I see this when running leafnode ... 
> 	Using STAT <message-ID> command on this server.
> I didn't see this withprevious versions.  Can I switch this off ? 

Only by switching verbose mode off.

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