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Re: [leafnode-list] Have There Been Changes in leafnode ?

On Mon, 03 Feb 2003, clemens fischer wrote:

> how about setting the `x' bit on the file?  is it neccessary or is
> this version-2 specific?

Thanks, this is also needed in versions 1.9.23 up to 1.9.32 -- I looked
at the 1.9.33 code as I write this mail.

I changed this behaviour for "before 1.9.23" compatibility in version
1.9.33 because of the 'constant' flow of "my posts are sitting in the
queue and never forwarded upstream" reports -- this thread is the first
time it's NOT a case of RTFM.

1.9.33's nntp server will create the posted file with mode 0244 and
switch it to mode 0644 once it's complete, so the "u+r" file is now the

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