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Re: [leafnode-list] 1.9.33, posting trouble

Joshua Crawford schrieb am Sunday, den 09. February 2003:

> I was having a little problem since I upgraded to 1.9.33, in that no
> articles were posted when fetchnews was run from cron (user news). But they
> were when I ran it manually.
> I finally traced it down to the new old-directory saving in
> fetchnews.c:postarticles(), the return if savedir < 1 (line 1475). Running
> from cron, as user news, the programme was unable to read /var/spool/cron
> (root.root 751, slackware's default). I've 'fixed' it by changing to the
> spool directory in the wrapper script, before running fetchnews.
> Is this directory saving necessary? If so, perhaps you should add an error
> message for when that test fails.

I added it as robustness feature, I didn't expect fetchnews to be
started in a working directory it wasn't allowed to read.

Could you show your cron line that fails, with fix?

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