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Re: [leafnode-list] Web based news reader?

Lyle Schofield schrieb am Friday, den 14. February 2003:

> While I'm hardly an expert on the topic, I think Leafnode functions as
> any other NNTP server software, just optimized for sitting in a LAN and
> zero admin.  If true, any NNTP news reader would work, and the question
> "web based reader that would work with leafnode" could really just be
> "web based reader that would work with NNTP".

Your conception is right -- but I'm not aware of NNTP-to-HTTP gateways,
and in fact, I don't care, but I'm willing to link those in the
documentation (FAQ maybe) if someone actually has them working and
confirms this.

> So, maybe just look for any web server plug in that would talk to an
> NNTP server or that could read the news spool files on the server?  A
> quick look on Sourceforge found this:
> http://sartre.dgate.org/webnews/ 


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