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Re: [leafnode-list] killbogus

Jeff Grossman schrieb am Sunday, den 16. February 2003:

> In my config file, I have a config variable called "killbogus".  But, when I
> enable it, texpire told me it was an unknown variable.  Here is the
> description from the config file:
> ## If you want bogus files such as core deleted from newsgroups,
> ## uncomment this. Optional.
> killbogus = 1
> Was this variable removed?

Looking closer, it's the old problem that people usually have the
configuration file's documentation of the time they first installed the
software (config.example on your system should be more up to date).
There are solutions to this problem, such as Sam Varshavchik's
sysconftool, but they require special formatting of the config file and
I wonder if they could support these server-specific options that we
have -- that is, a variable (such as nopost) given more than once.

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