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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: killbogus

"clemens fischer" <ino-qc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>:
>> Looking closer, it's the old problem that people usually have the
>> configuration file's documentation of the time they first installed the
>> software (config.example on your system should be more up to date).
> i think the only thing you should do is place a comment into INSTALL,
> README or even config.example whenever a variable disappears.  it's
> up to the user to get his configuration straight and RTFM.  unless
> there are bugs or shortcomings in the documentation, of course, but
> killbogus seems not to fall in that category.

This is nowhere near user-friendly still. :-/ I'll think about this a
bit more for sure. However, I don't link it will change leafnode-1.

Matthias Andree
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