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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: still not succeeding showing filtered postings

clemens fischer schrieb:
> Werner Partner <kairos@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Thanks - Matthias and William - for your sophisticated answers. I
> > cleaned my glasses ...
> and please, next time you clean something, provide the software
> version, as there are two of them.  and sometimes it can even be of
> advantage to know the operating system and compiler as well.
> i know this is too trivial to put into the FAQ, but as even regulars
> on this list keep forgetting that there's more in this universe than
> window$ and linux, it's meant as a general reminder.

It was the "1" which was missed.
But nevertheless - with e.g. "33" there are shown the relevant filters,
but not the killed postings.
How do I get protokolled the filtered postings?

thanks for patience


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