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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews error: check_date

Alex Berger <alex.berger@xxxxxx> writes:

> Hi,
> If have a problem with fetchnews.
> It complaints
>> check_date: news.atnet.at: clocks of upstream and this computer are more
>> than 10 minutes apart. Check your system clock.
> and does'nt download any articles.

The two problems are distinct, because leafnode will complain about the
clocks but continue to download news.

1. as to the clocks: ask the operators of news.atnet.at to correct the
time on their server.

2. as to the failing download: what does

ls -l /var/spool/news/interesting.group

tell you? If nothing, you need to read some pseudo articles.

If it prints something, try running fetchnews -vvv to see what's going
on, if that isn't sufficient, check the TROUBLESHOOTING section of the
README file to produce a debug log. The exact path of the README file
can probably be looked up with:

dpkg -L leafnode-1.9.36-2 | grep README

Matthias Andree
leafnode-1 download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/leafnode/
leafnode-1 docs/new: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/
leafnode-2 homepage: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/beta/

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