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[leafnode-list] leafnode went tits-up. CPR ineffective.


well, leafnode 1.9.32.rel went into coma today, from which it can't go
out of. usually doing

killall -TERM fetchnews; rm -f /var/lock/news/fetchnews.lck

brought fetchnews out of this. now its worse. it seems the newsgroup
list is crapped. I can post. definetely. lookey here:

root@sandra:/home/maniack# fetchnews -vvvv
leafnode 1.9.32.rel: verbosity level is 4
Trying to connect to news.supermedia.pl:nntp ... connected.
Using STAT <message-ID> command on this server.
news.supermedia.pl: 0 articles posted
Getting all newsgroups from news.supermedia.pl

now, here fetchnews downloads from news.supermedia.pl. after downloading
- stops. goes into coma. SIGTERM and SIGHUP kill it. before its death it

cut circa 100KB
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.humour
Newsgroup name conflict: za.misc vs. za.misc
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.misc
Newsgroup name conflict: za.net.maps vs. za.net.maps
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.net.maps
Newsgroup name conflict: za.net.misc vs. za.net.misc
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.net.misc
Newsgroup name conflict: za.net.stats vs. za.net.stats
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.net.stats
Newsgroup name conflict: za.politics vs. za.politics
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.politics
Newsgroup name conflict: za.schools vs. za.schools
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.schools
Newsgroup name conflict: za.sport vs. za.sport
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.sport
Newsgroup name conflict: za.test vs. za.test
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.test
Newsgroup name conflict: za.unix.misc vs. za.unix.misc
Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.unix.misc

and after that:
Forked child process to update XOVER information.


root@sandra:/home/maniack# ps -A|grep fetchnews

so the child died after birth. oops.

I've tried looking at leafnodes group files, came out zilcho. looks
O.K.. looked over http://groups.google.com and http://www.google.com,
also - zilcho.

please give me any hints what to do, not make matters worse. if I were
to 'rm /var/spool/news -frv', and install again, I think I would go ape.
also people using this nntp server (10 now). I'm sure You're full of
ideas :) hilfe! :)

Witold Władysław Wojciech Wilk  [ rwt: +48(0)322270471 ]  (ICQ#65665716)
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