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Re: [leafnode-list] Skipped messages with multiple news feeds

Grahame Cooper <Grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Mar 12 05:00:06 cooper-linux fetchnews[19786]: clamping maxage for
> alt.binaries.photography to groupexpire 3
> Mar 12 05:00:07 cooper-linux fetchnews[19786]: alt.binaries.photography:
> considering articles 238310 - 238412
> Mar 12 05:00:07 cooper-linux fetchnews[19786]: alt.binaries.photography:
> 3 articles fetched (to 19404), 0 killed
> - ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The only other entries in the log refer to other newsgroups. In my
> previous post, I accidentally omitted the clamping maxage entries, which
> clearly could be important.

I'd tend to believe that the maxage only matters if there are long
propagation delays. Assuming that your system clock is correct, leafnode
will determine the "age" from the Date: header of the post it's looking at.

> XHDR Message-ID 238310-238412
> 221 message-id fields follow
> 238310 <v6stnr7pjkt53c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> 238311 <v6sto3pl2c5242@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> 238312 <v6stobgbug3k48@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> <SNIP>
> 238409 <v6sugbp256ub2c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> 238410 <iZyba.2844198$zx5.431651@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> 238411 <K%yba.234857$6l6.1656544@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> 238412 <g5zba.2844964$zx5.431797@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

So the articles are there. Can you try to obtain a full debug log,
debugmode=2? Make sure to grep for your passwords and mask them out and
look around XOVER and XHDR lines to figure what the software is doing.

Detailed instructions are in the TROUBLESHOOTING (formerly DEBUGGING)
section of the README file. You may need to edit your syslog configuration.

Matthias Andree
leafnode-1 download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/leafnode/
leafnode-1 docs/new: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/
leafnode-2 homepage: http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/beta/

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