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[leafnode-list] Re: fetchnews error: check_date

Alex Berger <alex.berger@xxxxxx>:

>> check_date: news.atnet.at: clocks of upstream and this computer are
>> more than 10 minutes apart. Check your system clock.

i can only give you a hint about the clock:  on a unix system, you
can simply use

	ntpdate -us -t 123 \
	ntp0.freenet.de ntp1.freenet.de ||
	logger "$0 $@ exits $?:  ntpdate"

try to find good sources to replace the IPs and server names.  many
universities run NTP (network time protocol) servers anybody may
access.  you'd need to do this only once every few hours.  and don't
forget to check your motherboards battery!  it keeps not only your
quartz running, but some boards forget all about their disks if that
battery fails.


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