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[leafnode-list] MacOS X fetchnews permission denied

Hi all,

i did install leafnode (1.9.33) thru fink on MacOS X.2.4 (latest) and i get the following error, just after editing the config file

[nord-mon-ip:/sw/etc/leafnode] yvonthor% sudo -u news /sw/sbin/fetchnews
mkstemp(/sw/var/run/fetchnews.lck.yagHXTM820) failed: Permission denied
Cannot obtain lock file, aborting.

i should mention /sw/var/run/ is empty and is ::

drwxr-xr-x 2 root admin 68 Jan 18 18:59 run

the only directory (as i've seen) being news.news is :


all of is content being news.news

i should mention also that, on macos x, using fink as installer, the directory where everything is installed is under /sw

hoping someone could help me.

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