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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode went tits-up. CPR ineffective.

Dnia Thu, 13 Mar 2003 00:41:14 +0100 niejaki(a) Matthias Andree
<ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):

> Try 1.9.36.rel first, it has received fixes to signal handling that
> may help you already. Do not use 1.9.33 to 1.9.35.

ok, shall do that ASAP.

> Second, if 1.9.36 still shows this behaviour, and you know fetchnews
> has finished downloading the newsgroups (modem lights/NIC lights
> remain dark or something), please try to obtain a stack backtrace at
> the time you know it hangs.

You, know its funny. It's not a hang or crash actually. it is different.
after 3-4 hours it seems fetchnews starts actually fetching. one run of
fetchnews takes circa 17 hours (left fetchnews -vvvv on a console, and
actually right now, in this very moment, it ends the fetching...). for
each server it took that 3-4 hoursa...

> > Newsgroup name conflict: za.misc vs. za.misc
> > Newsgroup name conflict, chose za.misc
> Hum, strange. What does "locale" print for the root user?

root@sandra:/var/spool/news# locale

hmmm... wait a moment, LANG and LC_ALL are without the quotes... (?)
I'll check that.

> Has it died? Or has it finished? If you have a quick machine (some
> hundred MHz) with enough RAM to cache the articles it has just
> downloaded, then the child may read the articles from the cache rather
> than from disk and finish in fractions of a second, faster than you
> type"ps -A".

impossible. there's 512MB ram, but for cache/buffers usually up to 100MB
is available (its quite a handful there - 15GB squid-cache (takes 300MB
easy), mail, news, www, snmp, smb (fileserver), telnet/ssh), two network
game servers (halflife, and quake, afair). the main disk is a 40GB
maxtor 5200rpm, usually it chirping every second or so. also its just a
celeron 333mhz.

> > I've tried looking at leafnodes group files, came out zilcho.
> Where exactly have you looked?


> What have you found, and what was
> different from what you had expected?

I've read, that removing /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.supermedia.pl,
etc, could lead to something. or other files there. nope, not that

using fetchnews -vvvv to get as much data as possible

check if there is any reading, by vmstat, lsof, etc. usually yes, but
its a mother of job. although, yes, I found, that fetchnews hadn't wrote
anything to disk. at least not in 15 minutes from start...

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