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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode went tits-up. CPR ineffective.

Dnia Sat, 15 Mar 2003 03:29:13 +0100 niejaki(a) Matthias Andree
<ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> napisał(a):

> > using fetchnews -vvvv to get as much data as possible
> >
> > check if there is any reading, by vmstat, lsof, etc. usually yes,
> > but its a mother of job. although, yes, I found, that fetchnews
> > hadn't wrote anything to disk. at least not in 15 minutes from
> > start...
> So what has it done for so long? If fetchnews -vvvv doesn't turn up
> useful information, try "strace -tt -f fetchnews -vvvv" and check
> around large time leaps and the last few lines it prints.

it hangs. hadn't saved any output of strace, but it just stopped all
work. then I installed other versions of leafnde. zilcho. then I cleaned
the whole /var/spool/news. the problem is still there...

but hear this: I then wanted to check the other side -
news.supermedia.pl, had connected through sylpheed-claws, and tried to
download the newsgroup list. failure after 10 minutes (timeout).

then I thought - what the hell. I have installed INN+suck. the bugger
works. mostly, because the config I had done was very quick :) either
way, it works on that pair. and sylpheed-claws still does not... its
very, very, strange.

check news.supermedia.pl, its my ISP's newsserver, but You should have
access, and tell me if You also have that situation.

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