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Re: [leafnode-list] Skipped messages with multiple news feeds

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Grahame Cooper wrote:
> Matthias Andree wrote:
>>Grahame Cooper <Grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>>>Thanks for the help with this. It is looking very much like NTL's news
>>>servers are the problem. It seems many people on the NTL network are
>>>having difficulties. I'll continue to monitor the situation and let you
>>>know if I find any problem that is really related to leafnode.
>>>Sorry for bothering you with this.
>>The issue is: I don't see the full context of what's happening, and I
>>have no idea where to start a bug hunt. It may be a cosmetic bug that
>>causes confusing logs, it may be a bug that makes leafnode incorrectly
>>skip articles, and it may be a bug that causes NTL servers go out of
>>sync (which is not a statement if it's a leafnode or an NTL bug).
> Thanks. However, I am getting pretty sure now that the problem is caused
> by NTL's servers. I suspect that they are filtering out large messages
> at certain times of the day to reduce the load on their servers, which
> means that, as far as leafnode is concerned, the messages really are not
> there on the server at the time it does the download. However, some
> smaller messages with later serial numbers are successfully downloaded,
> making leafnode think that it has downloaded all messages up to that
> point. If this is the case, then it is clearly NTL's responsibility to
> sort out their servers and I will be speaking to them about that.

OK, I am doing the debudmode=2 thing now. I just had to create a new,
large disk partition to put the log file into because for these binary
groups it produces enormous log files. I'll have a look at it and let
you know what's happening.


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