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[leafnode-list] Problems after upgrade to 1.9.33

I've just upgraded to 1.9.33, having previously been running 1.9.18.  I ran 
the upgrade that was mentioned in the makefile, and I've pretty much left the 
config file as-is, just adding the server details and changing a couple of 
the maximum/minimum values (e.g. maxlines.)

I'm seeing some pretty strange behaviour, so far.  If I run fetchnews, it'll 
seem to randomly fetch all the right articles from some of my newsgroups, not 
necessarily the same ones twice in a row.  I can sometimes get it to retrieve 
the articles for other groups by just running it again.  I'm also seeing some 
strange output when I run it in verbose mode, as shown below, which I'm 
guessing may be part of the cause -- does anyone recognise the kind of thing 
from the below log?



talk.bizarre: will fetch 14102 
talk.bizarre: will fetch 14103 
talk.bizarre: receiving article 14099 (4 more up in the air)
Discarding article 14099 - posted to 5 groups (max. 4)
talk.bizarre ARTICLE 14100: reply Why is the soul so lyrical (3 more up in the 
talk.bizarre ARTICLE 14101: reply And so few are the names I love (2 more up 
in the air)
talk.bizarre ARTICLE 14102: reply And the ready rhythm but a miracle (1 more 
up in the air)
talk.bizarre ARTICLE 14103: reply Like Aquillon from above? (0 more up in the 
talk.bizarre: 0 articles fetched, 1 killed
uk.tech.home-automation: cannot parse server reply ""
uk.jobs.offered: cannot parse server reply "He will raise clouds of dust in a 
alt.support.diet: cannot parse server reply "He will leaf through the paper 
alt.autos.saab: cannot parse server reply "And he will not come back -- or 
alt.fan.jennicam: cannot parse server reply "As another he will come back?"
uk.jobs.contract: cannot parse server reply ""
comp.windows.x.kde: cannot parse server reply "Winds of Orpheus are embracing 
Disconnected from news.demon.co.uk.

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