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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode list strangely corrupts headers?

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Matthias Andree wrote:
> Grahame Cooper schrieb am 2003-03-18:
>>I have noticed that the mail headers in my messages are corrupted in a
>>strange way by the leafnode mail list server. When I receive my messages
>>back from the list, they seem to have the correct From: address
>>(Grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). However, in replies from Matthias my quoted
>>text starts with the text: "Grahame Cooper
>><Grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes". This is a name of my
>>mail server, but should not be appearing in any headers.
> It should not, but look at this:
> $ lbdbq 'Grahame Cooper'
> lbdbq: 2 matches
> Grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Grahame Cooper  2003-03-15
> Grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        Grahame Cooper  2003-03-18
> My lbdb has last seen the cooper-linux address in a message you sent on
> Saturday.
>>Received: from cooper-linux.jandg-cooper.com
>>(public1-bolt5-3-cust13.oldh.broadband.ntl.com [])
>>	by wrzx07.rz.uni-wuerzburg.de (Postfix) with ESMTP id 5CEF9467E
>>	for <rubbishaddress@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>; Sun, 16 Mar 2003
>>19:00:58 +0100 (CET)
>>Any ideas about this?
> Your machine appears to use cooper-linux.jandg-cooper.com for HELO or as
> its own identification.

Yes, I think that's correct isn't it because that is the name of the
machine that sends my mail? However it is sending mail for the domain
JandG-Cooper.com, and I think all the headers on the message and the
envelope show that address.

I do think I realize what the problem was now. I did until recently have
jandg-cooper.com listed as a cname for cooper-linux.jandg-cooper.com, so
perhaps the mail list server was canonicalizing the domain part of the
address as part of the header rewriting. I have removed that cname entry
from the DNS at the weekend, so that's may be why the problem seems to
have disappeared since Saturday.

I am now listed in the leafnode mail list as
grahame@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but that will continue to work
fine as long as I keep my mail server on that machine.


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