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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems after upgrade to 1.9.33

On Wednesday 19 Mar 2003 08:46, John Carlyle- Clarke wrote:
> These are some of my favourite things :)  Good luck sorting out your news
> server...

*heh*.  Ta for that ;)

It all seems to be working rather better, today.  This evening, all the groups 
except comp.windows.x.kde came down first time.  I ran fetchnews three times 
in ten minutes: everything worked okay for the first two times, except I got 
no new articles in c.w.x.k.  The third time, thirty new articles magically 
materialised.  The way it's going, I reckon everything will be working like 
I'd expect in a week's time...


"It's the small gaps between the rain that count,
 and learning how to live amongst them."
	      -- Jeff Noon

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