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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: (Discovery) Problems after upgrade to 1.9.33

On Sunday 23 Mar 2003 19:58, Carl Inglis wrote:
> I seem to recall discussions about this in demon.service - if you don't
> read that group, you may want to check Google. (AFAIR, BICBW) the banner
> is misleading and there has been some major work done in-house to replace
> the news-borg with this INN, but for some reason which I can't recall,
> they didn't change the banner.

That sounds likely.  It was, in fact, a Google search on demon.service that 
confirmed my suspicions -- the only problem was that I had to find out what 
was wrong myself before I had enough keywords to find the articles ;-)

For now, I'm running a slightly modified version of leafnode which has an 
extra bit of debugging output at the point where the newsborg hiccups.  

(it's around line 970 in fetchnews.c, just after it's thrown the ARTICLE 

        /* timeout */
        if (!l)
            return server;

.. so that at least I can be certain that that's what's causing the problem 
when it happens.  I suppose if I get really desperate I can hack it about so 
that it always uses XHDR, but I don't want to go to extremes yet.

I've mailed another person who had (and reported) the problem, to ask him if 
he's had any news about a fix.



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