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[leafnode-list] Re: Question regarding Fetchnews

"Bill Gross" <bill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I'm running the latest version of Leafnode on Linux, and I'm having
> a problem with Fetchnews. It runs fine for a few hours, and then it
> stops with a message "Server went away when it should send an
> article." When I re-run Fetchnews it starts over again at the
> beginning of the news group list instead of continuing with the next
> group. Is it possible to have Fetchnews start with the last group it
> was working on before it died? Or, if not, is there a way that
> Fetchnews can be configured to keep trying to re-connect to the
> server instead of simply exiting?

to me this sounds as if your upstream NNTP host is overloaded or
doesn't work correctly.  if you use four `-vvvv' and/or set debugging
appropriately (see config.sample, README etc.) and check the log, do
you see what goes wrong?

also, you could "telnet <NNTP host> nntp" and try commands like
"help", "group <whatever>" to get a feel of how patient a news client
has to be for your upstream.  what's its name?


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