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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Spam

On 3 Apr 2003 12:20:33 +0200, clemens fischer wrote
> "Mike Vanecek" <leafnode_lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >> >> Just "X-Archive: encrypt" in the header will to the job
> >
> > Well, I wanted to set it system wide since I will not have control
> > over which MUA (pine, mutt, etc) is used.
> it is not customary to tell users what their needs are.  gmane
> implements three or four different forms of the X-Archive header, to
> accomodate people who don't want copies of their emails archived at
> all to those who allow it, but only with encrypted headers.

I was just trying to implement what was suggested by the list owner. What I do
or do not tell my users is not any of your concern.

> both pine and mutt have configuration sections allowing custom
> headers, and i think you should finally go RTFM.  especially pine
> tells you every step online, while doing it.  you're asking too much
> of this list to do _your_ homework.

pine and mutt are not used on this system. Hence, RTFM for pine and mutt would
be a waste of time. FWIW, I spent several hours reading manuals until I did
find the solution which had nothing to do with pine nor mutt.

> sendmail should not inspect anything besides envelope data, that's
> why it's called a MTA in the first place.  people may disagree on
> things like delivery-notifications, the X-Archive header belongs into
> user controlled ares (MUAs).

You are wrong. I inserted the modification into sendmail.cf at the appropriate
location. Since sendmail is both a MTA and MDA, it was the logical point of
insertion since I had no control over what MUA might be used. 

Sorry you did not have anything useful to contribute. In spite of your less
than helpful tone and advice, I have found the solution and implemented same.

I see no reason to waste any more of the list's time on this subject. I
recommend you consider adding my name to your ignore list.

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