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Re: [leafnode-list] make check fails for 1.9.36.rel - FAIL:

Günther Dietrich <guenther.dietrich@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hi there,
> I use leafnode for quite a while now. The last version I have running is
> 1.9.19.
> Now I wanted to upgrade to the latest version available, 1.9.36. It
> compiles ok. But when I run `make check', I get a negative result:
> `FAIL: xsnprintf'.
> My system is an olt 486/100 (48MBytes of RAM) with slackware 4.0 and a
> 2.0.35 kernel.
> Can anybody figure out, what is wrong?

A venerable system that you have there -- regretfully older systems
(your software is around four years old) often have defects that have
been fixed in more recent systems.

I can't say which test in particular failed, if you want to find out (so
I can tell what exactly is wrong), edit xsnprintf.c, find the line
"#ifdef VERBOSE" and add a line "#define VERBOSE 1" just before the
#ifdef line, and type "make xsnprintf" then "./xsnprintf" and report the

I'd think that Slackware 4.0 is just a tad too dated and should be
upgraded. Bugs in libc or the kernel might haunt you some day.

Matthias Andree
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