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Re: [leafnode-list] expire vs groupexpire

Mike Vanecek schrieb am 2003-04-17:

> The config file says,
> ## Unread articles will be deleted after this many days if
> ## you don't define special expire times. Mandatory.
> # expire = 20 is default
> expire = 20
> The man says,
> expire = 5
>      "expire" is the number of days an article should be kept around. In the
>       example, five days after the article has last been read, it is deleted
>       by texpire (8).
> The config file implies that the expire parameter applies to "Unread article"
> whereas the man implies the number of days since last read.
> I would like to have a global setting so that "Unread (never read) articles
> are deleted after 20 days. However, I want articles that have been read to not
> be deleted for 30 days for all groups.
> Would I do something like:
> groupexpire * = 30
> groupexpire spamcop* = 10
> However, does not this override expire=20??
> I guess I am confused as to how one can hold read articles longer than unread
> articles?

Unfortunately, leafnode cannot hold read articles longer than unread,
you can only tell texpire to look at the arrival date of an article
rather than the time it was last read if you need a more aggressive
expiry. (texpire -f)

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