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[leafnode-list] [Leafnode-announce] Leafnode 1.9.37.rel released (STABLE)


                 leafnode 1.9.37.rel has been released.

This update fixes several bugs and enhances portability and
compatibility. It is recommended that you update from any previous
leafnode 1.9.x version.

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mailing list or you can watch file releases at sourceforge below, if you
want to be notified when new leafnode releases become available.

Leafnode 1.9.37 is or will become available in .tar.bz2 format from these sites:

o SourceForge -- this site also carries patches to make 1.9.35 into 1.9.36


o Dortmund University -- this site also carries .tar.gz tarballs

o IBiblio/MetaLab (will take some days to pick up) -- has FTP sites
    Check the system/news/transport directory

o Würzburg University

NOTE that the .gz tarballs and the upgrade diffs are EXCLUSIVELY
available from http://mandree.home.pages.de/leafnode/ and are not on
sourceforge or ibiblio.

SHA1 checksums:
f921dc0c9e3b49c52ce2eec3d30a22daf7750ecb *leafnode-1.9.37.rel.tar.bz2
8547eb5fe906364163d7b6ff48b61f4a6ea3f54d *leafnode-1.9.37.rel.tar.gz

MD5 checksums:
1cf205a607f5c39ac21f852d59b9ddd8 *leafnode-1.9.37.rel.tar.bz2
518816bc76fb027f608fd0f5655090b6 *leafnode-1.9.37.rel.tar.gz

File sizes:
608K leafnode-1.9.36.rel.tar.bz2
760K leafnode-1.9.36.rel.tar.gz

The .bz2 format is used by the OpenSource bzip2 compressor that is
available from http://sources.redhat.com/bzip2/

Below is the NEWS file excerpt, with changes since leafnode-1.9.33. The
full ChangeLog ships with the tarballs and can be viewed at

Have fun,
Matthias Andree, Leafnode maintainer

* 1.9.37, 2003-04-19

o Fetchnews properly tracks when reading the active file from a server fails
  and retries and the next run.
o The replacement snprintf has received numerous bugfixes.
o Leafnode now checks if the system's snprintf function really works at build
  time and substitutes its own snprintf.c if the system's snprintf function is
  broken (or missing).
o Don't use format modifiers that are unsupported by the shipped snprintfc.
o Build fixes on platforms that need special LDFLAGS (sparc64 for
  example), particularly when no system PCRE library is available.

o Better portability to systems that don not provide DIR and struct in the
  <dirent.h> header file.

o Fetchnews no longer checks the DATE at upstream "NewsCache" servers other
  than version 0.99.22p1, they return local time rather than GMT.

o Leafnode programs now REQUIRE that they can read the spooldir (and not only
  execute it). As the spooldir has always been readable, the impact of this
  change is negligible.
o The default lockfile location has changed to $spooldir/leaf.node/lock.file.
  This is meant to prevent packaging errors, as the lock file must be in a
  directory writable by the "news" user. --with-lockfile can be used to
  configure the former lock file location which used to be
o Leafnode programs now enforce a umask of 02, just to be sure. Should have no
  visible impact.

o There is now a "post_anygroup" option to skip the "is the group I post into
  on this server" check. Useful on servers that let you post but not read