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Re: [leafnode-list] Support policy -- stupid spam filters.

On 22/04/2003 12:12:24 Matthias Andree wrote:

>Dear leafnode list readers,
>this is a reminder: I have discontinued support for any users at sites
>that do not accept mail from dialups a while back. This policy has not
>changed and is non-negotiable.
>So if you expect my help, don't hinder my support: call your ISP that
>his DUL are hindering your email experience, tell him to fix this on
>short notice, and switch your ISP or mail provider if they don't fix
>this problem and remove the DUL. Note also that the osirusoft RBL is
>very aggressive and mostly indifferent.

In this instance the bounce comes not from the ISP demon.co.uk (Thus plc)
but the end user.

Demon (a) does not implement mail filtering and (b) provides SMPT delivery
to it's end-user customers capable of using it.

Although in general your point is well taken you are actually mistaken in
pointing the finger at ISPs in this case.


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