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Re: [leafnode-list] Building Leafnode RPM under RHL 9


William Hooper wrote:

> I've been playing around with Red Hat Linux 9 lately, and thought I would
> pass this along so the docs can be updated.

Much appreciated.

> Some of the functions of RPM have changed.  The showstopper for Leafnode
> is that there is now a function to make sure all files are included in the
> RPM that is build.  So for example:
> $ rpmbuild -tb leafnode-1.9.37.rel.tar.bz2
> [major snippage]
> Checking for unpackaged file(s): /usr/lib/rpm/check-files
> /var/tmp/leafnode-1.9.37.rel-buildroot
> error: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:
>    /usr/include/pcre.h
>    /usr/include/pcreposix.h

This is a useful feature :-)

>    /usr/lib/libpcre.a
>    /usr/lib/libpcre.la
>    /usr/lib/libpcreposix.a
>    /usr/lib/libpcreposix.la
>    /usr/share/man/man3/pcre.3.gz
>    /usr/share/man/man3/pcreposix.3.gz

Does RH 9 ship with pcre and pcre-devel packages? (they might also be
named pcre3 or pcre4 rather than just pcre).

If these PCRE packages are installed before the leafnode RPM is built,
these shouldn't occur: leafnode will then use the system's PCRE library
rather than build (and install) its own. I believe this is a bug in the
make system which I may have to fix for 1.9.38.

(I need to build, but not install PCRE -- leafnode is statically linked
against PCRE.)

> Here is a quote from the rpm-list about how to get an RPM written:
> "The "fix" is to either
> 	1) include the file in a package (or equivalently do
> 		rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/path/to/file
> 	in %install).

That wouldn't fix "make install" outside rpmbuild.

> 	2) Reconfigure to warn, not stop, the build."
> Number 2 is accomplished by adding
>        %_unpackaged_files_terminate_build      0
> to /usr/lib/rpm/macros (or ~/.rpmmacros if building as a regular user).

Is there any information if I can do that by

%define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 0

in the RPM .spec file, too?

Thanks again,

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