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Re: [leafnode-list] Building Leafnode RPM under RHL 9

Matthias Andree said:
> Hi,
> Does RH 9 ship with pcre and pcre-devel packages? (they might also be
> named pcre3 or pcre4 rather than just pcre).

Yes, it appears to be there:
[whooper@poit whooper]$ rpm -qa pcre
[whooper@poit whooper]$

But, the pcre-devel package isn't (possibly because I installed the
development stuff after the install).  The pcre-devel includes pcre.h and
pcreposix.h, are these the files you need?  Since I'm going to try
rebuilding anyway...

OK, installing the pcre-devel RPM makes the error go away.  I will take a
look on some more "standard" RHL 9 installs that I have and try to find
out what normally gets installed.  This box kind of became a development
machine after the fact because it at the time had the combination of disk
space and RHL 9 that I needed.

> If these PCRE packages are installed before the leafnode RPM is built,
> these shouldn't occur: leafnode will then use the system's PCRE library
> rather than build (and install) its own. I believe this is a bug in the
> make system which I may have to fix for 1.9.38.
> (I need to build, but not install PCRE -- leafnode is statically linked
> against PCRE.)

I guess one way around it would be make pcre (and for building Leafnode,
pcre-devel) requirements for the RPM, even though you ship your own

>> Here is a quote from the rpm-list about how to get an RPM written:
>> "The "fix" is to either
>> 	1) include the file in a package (or equivalently do
>> 		rm -f $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/path/to/file
>> 	in %install).
> That wouldn't fix "make install" outside rpmbuild.


>> 	2) Reconfigure to warn, not stop, the build."
>> Number 2 is accomplished by adding
>>        %_unpackaged_files_terminate_build      0
>> to /usr/lib/rpm/macros (or ~/.rpmmacros if building as a regular user).
> Is there any information if I can do that by
> %define _unpackaged_files_terminate_build 0
> in the RPM .spec file, too?
> Thanks again,
> Matthias

Well, I thought I tried that, but I must have missed something, because
yes, putting that define in the .spec file does allow the binary to be
built either way.  Warnings still get issued, but the build completes and
the RPM(s) are written.  As I mention above, this is only an issue if
pcre-devel isn't installed.
William Hooper

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