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Re: [leafnode-list] Building Leafnode RPM under RHL 9

"William Hooper" <whooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> OK, installing the pcre-devel RPM makes the error go away.  I will take a
> look on some more "standard" RHL 9 installs that I have and try to find
> out what normally gets installed.  This box kind of became a development
> machine after the fact because it at the time had the combination of disk
> space and RHL 9 that I needed.

I've had a look at SuSE 8.1 and Red Hat 9.0 and hope to have found a
leafnode.spec.in patch that complains if the files are missing, without
depending on the pcre-devel package (SuSE 8.1 shipped developer and user
space in the same pcre-3.9-120.rpm)

> I guess one way around it would be make pcre (and for building Leafnode,
> pcre-devel) requirements for the RPM, even though you ship your own
> versions.

Sort of. Autoreqprov should find out it needs pcre by itself.

> Well, I thought I tried that, but I must have missed something, because
> yes, putting that define in the .spec file does allow the binary to be
> built either way.  Warnings still get issued, but the build completes and
> the RPM(s) are written.  As I mention above, this is only an issue if
> pcre-devel isn't installed.

The new .spec file should catch this case before untarring the sources.

Thanks for the prompt response.

Matthias Andree
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