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Re: [leafnode-list] Pulling non-interesting groups

Mike Vanecek schrieb am 2003-04-25:

> I have cross-posts limited to 5. However, leafnode seems to pull a rather
> large number of groups that are not in the interesting.groups list. I assume
> this is done because of the cross-post issue?

Cross-posts only trigger group reads when you actually read those groups
-- or they _MIGHT_ happen if there were still bugs remaining in the
"request article by Message-ID" code. What news reader are you using? Do
these groups surface in interesting.groups?

Note that cross-posts are only ever fetched once regardless of how many
groups they are posted into. Groups not in interesting.groups are never
fetched -- articles populating these groups indeed appear if and only if
create_all_links is nonzero.

> Can leafnode be set to only pull the interesteing.groups list?

That's how leafnode works.

> Would that be accomplished by setting cross-posts to zero?

Try setting "create_all_links = 0" in your /etc/leafnode/config.

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