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Re: [leafnode-list] Pulling non-interesting groups

Thank you to all who patiently explained that leafnode was creating hard links
to the crossposted groups. That clears up a lot of confusion on my part.

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> Well, then I maintain that these are crossposted articles, and not
> natively fetched.


> > I guess I got a bug in my install. I'd like to see those articles not in 
> > interesting.groups go away and stop being pulled.

OK, I now see that they are not being pulled but rather a hard link for the
group is created with the appropriate inode.

> >> 
> >> Try setting "create_all_links = 0" in your /etc/leafnode/config.
> >
> > I use mesage reference to score/kill in slrn. Won't changing that impact on 
> > my ability to do that? I will change it and watch for a while to see if the 
> > problem goes away.
> I don't think it will harm your score. I assume slrn is looking at a
> single group at a time, the References: and Newsgroups: headers are
> unaffected by this option. (So software can still see the article has
> been crossposted.) However, the XRef: header will be different, as it
> won't include the crossposted-into groups that aren't marked in
> interesting.groups.

OK. I will watch how it functions and see. 

> Example: Assuming you have "groups.a" (but not "groups.b") in
> interesting.groups and an article is crossposted to "groups.a and
> groups.b", then with create_all_links = 1, fetchnews will create both
> groups and link the article into each of these two (letting groups.b
> spring to life although you haven't requested it), and with
> create_all_links = 0, leafnode will just link the article into 
> groups.a, without creating and populating groups.b.

It also has the impact of texpire showing the article count for both groups.
That is what initially confused me. The texpire output was listing
non-subscribed groups with lots of articles. My first reaction was to wonder
from where did all of those "non-subscribed" articles appear.

> In the same example, you can safely kill the links for groups.b with
> "rm -r /var/spool/news/groups/b"; you'll need to use create_all_links=0
> to prevent the group from coming back.

I set create_all_links=0 when you first suggested I do so. I would assume that
texpire will also remove them over time?  If no, I can do the rm op.

Someone in a previous post suggested that having these hard link groups was
beneficial. I did not really understand the rationale, however. Why would one
want to have the hard links available?

> I hope this clears up what the option does.

Thank you again. Your explanation was very helpful.


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