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Re: [leafnode-list] Mailing list software.

on 4/30/03 2:11 PM, Matthias Andree at matthias.andree@xxxxxx wrote:

> Hi,
> I have tried to get ezmlm-idx running together with Exim, which was a
> kind of a hassle and would require qmail patches; I then tried Mailman
> 2.1.2 on Postfix and everything went smooth.
> We can have real bounce handling with Mailman 2.1 (VERP support) that
> avoids annoying users and saves the admin work, we can have digest
> support and automatically strip HTML. Given that it can be configured
> (subscription, unsubscription, user settings such as digest mode, digest
> type, disable delivery - for vacation - duplicate suppression) via mail
> and web interface, I'd think it's easier to use for some that have
> been confused by mail interfaces for handling their subscription status.
> Although Mailman 2.1 isn't bug-free, it seems a lot better than BeroList
> at first glance.
> Of course, Cornelius shall have the last word, my mail to him (with more
> detail) was just a recommendation.
> I'll keep you informed.
> Cheers,

Great news.  Thanks for the update, Matthias.

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx)

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