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Re: [leafnode-list] Re: Filtering crossposts to gmane.spam.detected

Reiner Steib schrieb am 2003-05-07:

> On Tue, May 06 2003, Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Try this patch and let me know if it works (debugmode=33 will log
> > the headers fetchnews creates from XOVER when it filters, provided
> > you're using enough -v options on the fetchnews command line):
> [...]
> >  	    if (filtlst && killfilter(filtlst, mastr_str(s))) {
> [...]
> > +			    "Headers: %s", mastr_str(s));
> I've used `-vvv' for several hours (and several fetches) and but I
> didn't find "Headers:" in the output *yet*.  Should I look for
> something different?  Or just wait for more spam?

The count of -v tells how "deep" the console verbosity goes, one means
log at top level, two at server level, three at group level. You'll have
to use -vvvv to see article level output, the maximum is -vvvvv.

Additional requirements (not sufficient) are: you need to "OR" 32 (0x20)
into debugmode to see this Headers: debugging at all, and you need to
"OR" 1 into debugmode to get debugging output emitted to syslog.

> AFAICS, that the new Xref-rule has been found:
> filtering in gmane.emacs.gnus.general: ^Content-Type: text/html ->
> kill filtering in gmane.emacs.gnus.general: ^Xref:.*
> gmane\.spam\.detected: -> kill

The "filtering in..." text is at a different verbosity
level, "top" level, so -vvv suffices to see these hints. I'll degrade
them to group level. (which doesn't change _your_ output with -vvv).

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