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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode and downloading news

Peter James schrieb am 2003-05-08:

> Leafnode appears to be working correctly.  Just two little problems for now.
> At the end of the downloading news message process the following message 
> appears:
> "Forked child process to update XOVER information."
> Is this something I need to worry about?

No, it's just a technical description of why fetchnews (of leafnode-1)
continues to rattle the disk even though the actual download has
completed. This is actually useful in /etc/ppp/ip-up and like scripts,
if followed by "killall pppd" or something.

> And does leafnode always up-date the list of newsgroups when first connecting 
> to the news server?

It usually just asks for the list of new groups (which has a handful of
groups, if any) -- unless it knows a server has been added or the
previous "fetch all groups" function had failed. In that case, it will
pull the complete newsgroup list from each of its servers until it has
been able to fetch the complete list from all of its servers in a single
run. The difference is "Getting all newsgroups from..." vs. "Getting new
newsgroups from...". The latter is normal, the former should happen
every three months or after adding, renaming or removing servers, and
when leafnode was fetching "all groups" (-f flag, 90 days since last
fetch) and at least one of the upstream servers was down.

> If so how can I speed up the process by instructing leafnode to only do this 
> say every 21 days.

Not at all, the new lists are always fetched. The full lists are fetched
when they are older than 90 days. Of course, you could lower this to
three weeks (to get rid of obsolete, deleted groups quicker), but you're
after the opposite.

Matthias Andree

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