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[leafnode-list] Fetching certain groups only from one server?

Is there any easy way of doing this?

The borland.public* hierarchy should only be used with Borland's own news server.  Although other servers carry the groups, posts will not propagate back to Borland's server.  They explain the reason for this somewhere on their site - it's to allow spam filtering and whatnot.

Anyway, this works wonderfully with Leafnode 2.  I have the Borland server first in my server list, and so posts to groups it carries go to it by default.

The small annoyance is that leafnode picks up any posts to borland.public* groups from my ISP's server which are not on Borland's own.  These are always spam.

It's no big deal, but is there any easy way to filter these or prevent retrieval of borland.public* from my ISP's server?

I am running leafnode-2.0.0.alpha20030318a.


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