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[leafnode-list] Problems with leafnode

Many thanks for the help. I managed to get leafnode working, but it will 
not accept the fact that
  there are unread messages in the NG's I want to read.  Please see the 
following output from fetchnews -vv
"root@localhost leafnode]# /usr/local/sbin/fetchnews -vv
leafnode 1.9.40.rel: verbosity level is 2
try_lock(timeout=5), fqdn="petefjames.clara.co.uk"
Trying to connect to news.claranews.com:nntp ... connected.
Using STAT <message-ID> command on this server.
news.claranews.com: 0 articles posted
Getting new newsgroups from news.claranews.com
Reading server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.claranews.com
alt.os.linux.madrake: no new articles
claranet.support: no new articles
claranet.systems: no new articles
uk.rec.birdwatching: no new articles
alt.os.linux.mandrake: no new articles
alt.os.linux.mandrake: getting bodies of marked messages...
alt.os.linux.mandrake: marked bodies 1
alt.os.linux.mandrake: Done getting article bodies.
Disconnected from news.claranews.com.
wrote active file with 58750 lines
Forked child process to update XOVER information.
[root@localhost leafnode]#"
I've checked the /etc/leafnode/config file and there is nothing out of the 
ordinary there.  Can you throw any
  light on this for me.  I hasten to add that the placeholder file in each 
NG within Knode is marked as read.  Many thanks

Peter James


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