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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems with leafnode

Hi Peter,

* Peter James wrote on Tue, May 20, 2003 at 08:07:22AM CEST:
> Many thanks for the help. I managed to get leafnode working, but it will 
> not accept the fact that
>  there are unread messages in the NG's I want to read.  Please see the 
> following output from fetchnews -vv
> "root@localhost leafnode]# /usr/local/sbin/fetchnews -vv
> leafnode 1.9.40.rel: verbosity level is 2
*snip most output*
> alt.os.linux.mandrake: no new articles
> alt.os.linux.mandrake: getting bodies of marked messages...
> alt.os.linux.mandrake: marked bodies 1
> alt.os.linux.mandrake: Done getting article bodies.
> I've checked the /etc/leafnode/config file and there is nothing out of the 
> ordinary there.  Can you throw any
>  light on this for me.  I hasten to add that the placeholder file in each 
> NG within Knode is marked as read.  Many thanks

Well, I haven't been following your discourse of getting leafnode to
work very closely (and you unfortunately haven't been hitting the
equivalent of 'list reply' with you mailer instead of starting new
threads), but one thing I know for sure:

knode does not work together with leafnode IF you have the delaybody
option set.  At least the last time I checked knode.

So if you want to use leafnode's delaybody option, please feel free to
use another news reader, I know tin and slrn work fine, OE has problems
as well with delaybody.  The technical problem cannot obviously
classified as a bug within the newsreaders, as it is the caching of
information within them that defeats the delaybody feature.

If you want to keep using knode, please set delaybody to 0 in your
leafnode configuration.


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