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[leafnode-list] Failed posting not reported & dots in the Path field


There is one thing that seems to be an omission to me.
I have two news servers set up. One of them serves a group that I
read, but it does not allow me to post. The second one lets me do the
posting, but it does not serve the group.
Now, when I post an article to that group, it will just stick in
'out.going' dir forever, without any notification in the logs -
fetchnews -vv just omits the article and doesn't mention anything
about inability to post it.
I think it should report such a problem.

And the second thing.
The server that allows me to post does not allow to "relay" articles.
When I post using leafnode I get an 441 reply saying that "there may
be no dots in the Path field". Yet leafnode requests a FQDN. How do I
work it around (except deleting the offending line from articles in
'out.going' dir...)?


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