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Re: [leafnode-list] 'Prioritize' servers ?

[resending to list, after it was originally sent privately]

On Fri, 23 May 2003, D.J. Bolderman wrote:

> I have defined 2 servers: first my ISP, and then a pay server. When
> leafnode downloads messages from the first server, how does it act
> when that same article is also on the second server ? Does the article
> still gets downloaded, or does leafnode make some kind of link ?

Leafnode queries the serves in the order presented in your configuration
file. It will download any articles in the interesting groups from the
first server, then it will download only those articles that the first
hadn't had from the second, then download only those articles that the
first didn't have from the third and so on. It will not download
the same messages twice. (If it does, some server must have tampered
with the Message-ID, which is expressly forbidden by Usenet standards.)

Leafnode requests the list of Message-IDs in that group from the second
server and then figures it has already downloaded the article in
question (by the Message-ID) and will skip it.

> This brings me to my next question: the retention of my pay server is
> great, so when a multipart message is partially expired on the first 
> server, does leafnode automatically fill in the gaps with parts of that
> message from the pay server, or does it download the whole message
> from the pay server ?

What exactly is a "multipart message"?

If it's MIME multipart, then no, Leafnode's granularity is restricted to
entire articles.

If it's a file split into individual messages that must be merged by the
newsreader software, then yes, because leafnode doesn't care about
whether a specific article is part of a split or no.  Technically, such
split articles (seem to be common with Subject: blah.jpg (3/4) for
example) are self-contained articles, and leafnode will fetch the
missing ones from the second server.

Matthias Andree

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