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Re: [leafnode-list] Changing the address for leafnode mails

On Sun, 25 May 2003, D.J. Bolderman wrote:

> I'm running Leafnode together with Qmail, and I noticed that emails
> from leafnode are not being handled by Qmail. Reason for this seems
> that qmail cannot access the home-dir of the user 'news'. Since I do
> not want to change all kind of rights on my system, is it possible to
> send notification mails from leafnode to a different user ?

Depending on how you call it, you can either tell cron to send mail to
somebody else than the calling user (mine supports MAILTO=), or if that
doesn't help, you can redirect mail to news within qmail:

try (as root):

echo '&otheruser' >~alias/.qmail-news

Replace otheruser with the user name (login) or mail address that you
want to receive news-mail. /var/qmail/doc/INSTALL.alias and the
dot-qmail man page for details.

I hope I got that right, I've replaced all my qmail installations with
Postfix, so the above suggestion is untested.

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