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Re: [leafnode-list] Pointer

Colonel Sam Flagg, U.S. Army Intelligence (ret) schrieb am 2003-06-07:

> I can get fetchnews to work, grabbing headers, etc. I can start leafnode 
> and interact with it at the command line. What I can't do is get it to 
> listen on port 119 for incoming connection. netstat -an doesn't show 
> anything listening on 119. The interacting via the command line doesn't 
> allow me to see the list that fetchnews grabbed.
> Using FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE-p10


the pointers you're asking for are:

1. make sure that your inetd configures leafnode, check /etc/inetd.conf
for something like:

nntp   stream  tcp     nowait  news/40/60/4  /usr/local/sbin/leafnode leafnode

2. make sure that your system starts inetd, check the output of
ps ax | grep '[i]netd' - if it doesn't print a line containing inetd,
then your inetd isn't running. In that case, check /etc/rc.conf for an
"inetd_enable" line, it should resemble inetd_enable=YES. Because this
becomes effective only after the next reboot, run
/usr/sbin/inetd -wW manually to start it (unless you're about to reboot


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