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Re[2]: [leafnode-list] IPv6 upstream - how?

[in reply to ma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 6-6-2003]

>> I have been running leafnode with lots of pleasure on my home machine.
>> Today I've tried to switch to an IPv6 NNTP server, but it seems like
>> fetchnews will not connect. As you see in the pasted text, the
>> NNTPserver is fine but I can connect to it.
> The IPv6 option is only effective for the "leafnode" server, but does
> not apply to fetchnews, which uses the old IPv4-only API.

Makes sense. Thanks for the tip!

> At the moment, the quick solution would be to use leafnode-2, which is
> in alpha state but works for me, its fetchnews has IPv6
> support. However, you cannot mix-n-match and use only leafnode-2's
> fetchnews, but you must replace the whole package. Drawback: there is on
> leafnode-2 "port" for FreeBSD yet.

Is leafnode-2 different from the "leafnode+" port (2.14)? I was under
the impression that the different trees would be merged somewhere in the
future but could not find an up to date source.

For now I will probably set up a simple port redirector that listens on
a local IPv4 port; if that doesn't work then I will try leafnode-2. I
just want to be a little vain with my IPv6 NNTP-Posting-Host (and be
able to troll without being packetflooded!;), when I have more time I
will check out the alpha version.

Thanks for the info!

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