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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode updating articles for clients

On Wednesday 11 June 2003  3:56 am, you wrote:
> dalgoda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Mike Castle) said:
> > In article <3EE3931C.BeroList-2.5.9@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> >
> > phil hunt  <leafnode-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >>leafnode server machine. But the client will typically have a web
> >>browser.
> >
> > Client will typically have an X server too, and can ssh over to the
> > server and start the GUI config tool there.
> >
> > mrc
> Not if the client is made by Microsoft.

Indeed not. Or is a Mac.

> Blah, who needs a GUI.  Leafnode has sane defaults and basically requires
> you to point it at a server.  If you need more than that the config file
> is well documented.

I mostly use Leafwa to (a) edit news articles I've written before posting
them upsteam, (b) review and alter what newsgroups leafnode is subscribed

Neither of these functions can be done by editing the config file!

The announcement by SCO last week that it intends to sue everyone 
who has ever uttered the word "Linux" is the latest in a series of 
desperate measures by SCO to be noticed. -- Humorix.org 

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