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[leafnode-list] slrn+leafnode force delete macro

Anyone running slrn and leafnode that might know how to:
Scoring allows one to mark an article as killed by subject, author, thread, or
whatever. Scoring works fine to keep banned articles from showing up in slrn
article list. Leafnode via texpire deletes old articles from the local news
spool. The leafnode parameter expire=n determines when an article is old.
Texpire will delete the article n days after it has been read (accessed).
On occasion, I run into an article that deserves to not only be marked killed,
but needs to be marked for immediate deletion the next time texpire is run.
Does anyone have a slrn macro that could be used to modify the read date of a
message to force its early deletion texpire?
Any other options?
Thanks, Mike.

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