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Re: [leafnode-list] check_date problem

D.J. Bolderman schrieb am 2003-06-17:

> exactly 2 hours. This server is in the US, and I'm in Holland, so the
> time difference should be bigger. Apart from that, is this a problem
> on the easynews side, or on my side ?

Is your clock set correctly? The Received: headers of this mail reveal
that your mail travelled one hour and fourteen seconds to Würzburg
University which is the same time zone as yours. Assuming one hour off
and one hour off (DST issues) at easynews, both of you off might also be
a scenario. Check "env LC_TIME=C TZ=UTC date", it must be exactly two
hours before (less than) the real time.

Easynews' software would not be the first to have a faulty "DATE"
implementation, older NewsCache versions also suffered from this problem
(but was quickly fixed by Herbert Straub.).

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