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Re: [leafnode-list] check_date problem

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 02:55:50AM +0200, Matthias Andree wrote:
> "D.J. Bolderman" <list-leafnode@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > Yes, fetchnews is still complaing.
> > I'm running Leafnode version 1.9.41-1 on debian unstable.
> Could you set up news.debug or news.* all logging in /etc/syslog.conf,
> set debugmode=1 in /etc/leafnode/config and run fetchnews -vvv? Then
> grep the log for check_date: it should have a line such as
> check_date: news.example.org: server time 1055984003, our time 1055984002

I've been having the same problem. I'm also running debian but 1.9.40. I
connect to two servers (to make sure I don't miss any articles). Here
are the relevent lines:

Jun 18 21:15:23 tc fetchnews[14827]: >DATE
Jun 18 21:15:23 tc fetchnews[14827]: <111 20030619011523
Jun 18 21:15:23 tc fetchnews[14827]: check_date: news.speakeasy.net:
server time 1055985323, our time 1055985323

Jun 18 21:15:33 tc fetchnews[14827]: >DATE
Jun 18 21:15:33 tc fetchnews[14827]: <111 20030619005943
Jun 18 21:15:33 tc fetchnews[14827]: check_date: free.teranews.com:
clocks of upstream and this computer are more than 10 minutes apart.
Check your system clock.

> or something. If Perl is installed on your system, please run
> perl -MPOSIX -e 'print POSIX::time, "\n";'

perl -MPOSIX -e 'print POSIX::time, "\n";'

> There may be a problem compensating the time zone offset that mktime()
> uses, or a compiler fault. Have you compiled leafnode 1.9.41-1 yourself
> or installed a binary package?

The debian binary package.

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