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[leafnode-list] Moderated groups problem in leafnode-2.0.0.alpha-20030318

I've been using this alpha/beta version of 2.0 for quite some time now
and it generally appears to be stable and does what it says on the

So far, so good. I have, however encountered a niggling problem when
using moderated groups (comp.lang.c++.moderated in my case). Whenever
I post an article to a moderated group, leafnode correctly recognises
that it should not send the article back to the newsreader
immediately, but pass it on to the upstream server (no moderators file
on my local box, see). All that works, and I can usually see the
article on Google Groups eventually once it's been approved.

The problem is that leafnode doesn't appear to pick the approved
article off the upstream server and I thus never see the article in
the newsgroup. Just wanted to check if this behaviour rings a bell
with anyone, if not, I'll investigate once I can find the time. It's
unlikely that I'll get around to it before the end of July but I can
life with it for the time being.

Mathias, any progress on your suggestion to rewrite parts of it in C++
or Python? I was planning to look into the feasibility of rewriting
part of the server in C++ as I think it'll simplify some of the
article building code in the server, plus throw in automatic buffer
management for free.

Timo Geusch

UNIX/NT System programmer & JAVA wizzard-in-training

'I ask for so little ... and boy, do I get it' Dilbert

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