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Re: [leafnode-list] lost newssrc...

Urke MMI <urke-kg@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> I use leafnode version 2.0.0.alpha20030318a and I add new server to
> configure (news.nl.linux.org). After I fetchnews and get newssrc list for
> this server, all other groups from other news servers are disapeared from
> newssrc file. What I can do now? How to back thousand of groups from 7 news
> servers back?

Do you have any error messages in the logs? Did you change
"only_groups_pcre" perhaps (unintentionally maybe), without running
"fetchnews -f" after the option?

You can try to run "fetchnews -fvvv" once, it should download the group
lists from all servers and merge them.

Matthias Andree

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