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[leafnode-list] Posting to a not-yet-retrieved group

Hi there...

I've noticed this before and sort of ignored it, but it _definitely_ just happened again :)

A lot of the time when I get a new group, it is to post to it... e.g. I have run into a problem coding, so I find the appropriate group, and compose a message.

Obviously when I open the group, I see the leafnode placeholder.  At this point I could wait up to an hour for cron to start a fetch, or force one myself, but what I want to do is just post the message right away.  If I do, the curious thing is that the message gets sent to the upstream server, but it never seems to appear on the local server at all.

Is this expected behaviour, or is it a bug?


P.S. I am running version 2.0.0.alpha20030318a which is not right up to date I realise, but I can't see any relevant changes.  I promise to upgrade very soon! ;)

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